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Pig feeder for:

A. Farrowing piglets
B. Piglets
C. Fattening pigs
D. Sows

Number of compartments:

Number of rows per compartment:

Number of pens per row:

Number of animals per pen:

Animal weight:

Feed type:

A. Pellet
B. Crumbs
C. Meal
D. Meal mixed with max 35% CCM and/or wheat/barley
E. Liquid feed

Pig feeder can be build in the partition wall:


Which pig feeder that you have seen on our site do you prefer:

Which brand and type of feeder do you use now:

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Which type of pig feeder suits best with the pigs and type of pig feed that you use? We would like to help you with answering this question. Use our longtime feeder experience for free and receive a professional advice which pig feeder suits best in your pig stable without any further obligations.

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