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Verba floorheating elements

Verba heating plates are 35 mm thick and used for nursery piglets in farrowing pens. The heating plates are available in all sizes because we make everything in-house. We can also change the thickness and the length of the hose of the piglet heating plates. The top panel of the heating plates is available with a studded finish, providing very good grip for the piglets. The heating elements for farrowing crates heat up evenly with warm water. Easy to fit with quick couplings from very high quality. Supporting edges produced to your specifications. Contact us for non-standard sizes, corner models etc. Want more information? We’d be happy to visit you in person.

130 Watt/m2


Always connect with connectors that allow unrestricted flow. We can supply these at competitive prices. Efficiency is approximate and depends on various factors such as the water supply capacity,

the room temperature in the shed, the type of connection, the inflow temperature, the number of panels per heating pump, the length of coupling hoses, etc.

Guarantee: 7 Years on construction- and material faults.

  • Heating plates available in all dimensions and shapes
  • Insert model or lay on model possible
  • Outstanding soft rubber grip toplayer from high quality
  • Supplied with diffusion tight Ø 15mm water hose
  • 130 Watt/m2
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Water- and diffusion tight, no energy loss over the years
  • Plastic feels warm naturally
  • Perfect insulation on the bottom because of a stagnant layer of air
  • Plastic keeps warm for a longer time when heating is stopped
  • Fits in almost every floor type
  • Easy to mount
  • Heavy weight heating elements (+ 30KG/m2) designed for long life



heating plate farrowing crate
heating element farrowing crate
Studded plate with rubber
Heating plates piglets
Stalfoto Heating plates piglets
Wim de Reu - Koekelare - Project Aveve
Wim de Reu - Koekelare - Project Aveve
Wim de Reu - Koekelare - Project Aveve

Detail Pictures

Heating plate studded detail
Heating plate detail hoh 5 cm
Heating plate glad detail
Heating plate heating measurement
Project Tielt België / Wim de Reu Stalinrichting
Project Tielt België / Wim de Reu Stalinrichting
VERBA heating elements with supporting angles
VERBA Heating element Project Thelosen / Van Osch Uden / Nooyen PigFlooring
Heating plates project ASD Belgium/Den Tweesprong Peeters
Heating plates project ASD Belgium/Den Tweesprong Peeters

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