Contribute to a sustainable future for pig farming with our versatile feeding troughs and feeders. VERBA's wide selection of pig feeders, troughs and feed dispensers ensures optimum performance and durability in any stable environment.

High quality materials and durability

Our pig feeders are manufactured from recycled 304 stainless steel and heavy-duty PE plastic. This not single contributes to sustainability, but also strength in the pig farm. All waste generated during the production process is carefully collected and recycled. In addition, our energy-efficient machines run on more than 1,150 solar panels.

Reduced CO2 emissions and quality

We strictly select our suppliers from the Netherlands and Germany. This way we guarantee high-quality materials and contribute to reduced CO2 emissions. At VERBA you are assured of quality and durability. That is why we confidently offer a 7-year warranty on many of our pig feeders.

Invest in the future

Invest in the future of your pig farm with VERBA's feeding troughs, troughs and feeders. In doing so, you are making a difference for your farm and the environment.