VERBA has been a producer of the perfect feeder for farm and animal for over 50 years. We produce in our Dutch factory piglet covers, floor heating, drinking bowls and feeders for piglets, fattening pigs and sows.
Pig feeders

For all life stages of the pig

Choose the perfect solution for you and your farm.
100% produced in our own factory.

That's why you choose VERBA

More than 50 years of experience

In 1971 former pig farmer Bert Verbakel developed the perfect pig feeder. In the meantime the 3rd generation has joined our family farm and we continue to develop the ideal pig farm equipment.

Going for the maximum

Optimal feed conversion is anything but self-evident. From various studies and the experiences of our customers worldwide, the VERBA feeder has been proven effective in the pig pen for years.

Leading in sustainability

Unmatched Guarantee and Quality. By using 100% recycled materials, 1150 solar panels, Dutch suppliers and energy efficient machines we try to reduce our footprint and increase our quality every day.

Attention for humans and pigs

Convenience and safety in the stable are hallmarks of our feeders. These include anti spillage edges to increase hygiene and prevent waste, use of easy adjustments and an animal-friendly finish.

The Perfect Feeder since 1971

For over 50 years VERBA has been a producer of the perfect feeder for farm and pigs.


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The same VERBA dry feeders for almost 15 Years. Why?

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VERBA: Feeders | automatic feeders for pigs, piglets and sows

VERBA mainly focuses on producing piglet covers, piglet cabins, floor heating elements and feeding troughs for piglets, pigs and sows.

A fortune's worth of pig feed goes through a feeder every year, making feed by far a pig farmer's biggest expense. By controlling these costs daily with the best high quality pig feeder, the feeder pays for itself in a short time. No feed spillage, correct feed conversion and no feed in the manure pit ensure the lowest fixed daily costs. We at VERBA dare to say after 50 years of experience that the right feed trough in the barn is the best and most important investment. This is not something you should want to economize on.

We have a suitable feeder with matching drinkers for every pig, every life stage and every type of feed. Because of these many possible combinations, we produce the largest range of feeders in the world. We have the right solution for every situation and can therefore always provide objective advice.

The feeding troughs are finished with extra care so that the animals can never hurt or injure themselves on sharp parts, and no ear tags remain. This is very important to prevent infections and reduce the use of medication or antibiotics, which also saves costs.

Virtually every feeder has ingenious anti spillage edges or bars on the front or side to go feed spillage. This prevents feed from falling into the manure pit and gives you the best feed conversion.

All our feeders are easy and very accurate to adjust. The pigs cannot possibly adjust the feeders themselves, so once adjusted you rarely need to readjust a feeder. The adjustments are very easy and quick to operate which is cost saving on labor.
Our feeders have a white or stainless steel interior. This allows plenty of light to enter which has many advantages over dark or black feeders. Pigs see the food better which is inviting. In addition, a pig does not like to go headfirst into a dark area. In addition, a light feeder greatly benefits hygiene in the pig farm. When cleaning the stable, for example, it offers many advantages because it is easier to see whether something is really clean. This saves time and labor costs.

All feeders produced today are different from feeders made a few years ago. This is not always visible but is usually in details such as better spill edges, better adjustments or thickness of the material used. These details determine the difference between a mediocre or the very best feeder.