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Plastic protection plates for concrete slats

By March 27, 2023April 19th, 2023No Comments

If you have concrete slats in your swine stable that are wearing out and would like to coat, treat or replace them, consider installing our PE plastic plates with buttons or chequer plates on them. This will give your concrete slats a protective layer and thus a new life. You will save a lot of money and time compared to new slats or coating them. The new plastic protective plates on your concrete slats keep bacteria and germs at bay and optimize hygiene in the stable. The plastic chequer plates are completely liquid-proof, mechanically loadable and easy to clean. Of course, it is important that your concrete slats still have enough load-bearing capacity to support the pigs. These plastic sheets cannot take over the carrying capacity of the concrete slats, but they do give your slats a smooth and hygienic surface again and prevent further wear of your concrete slats. We offer the plastic chequer plates in 9mm thickness and 12mm thickness. We recommend 9mm thick plates for piglets and 12mm thickness for finishing pigs.

Manure slits milled in at the factory

We can factory mill our PE sheets, which are standard in our warehouse with a size of 3000×1500, to size and also equipped with slits for good manure groove. You can specify the groove width of the concrete protectors by means of a drawing. The angle of the milled manure groove is square and smooth, but we can round off/burr this angle on our milling table if you wish.


The plastic concrete slat protection plates can be mounted in different ways. You can fix them yourself with plugs, screws and body washers in the existing concrete. We also produce our own stainless steel concrete anchors that you can insert, turn and tighten through the manure groove of your existing concrete slats. We have from our own production stainless steel concrete anchors with 50mm stainless steel thread, 120mm thread and 150mm thread and stainless steel M10 thread with which you can fasten the plastic concrete anchors.

PE plate for concrete grid