The use of drinking nipples for pigs prevents water loss in the pig house and manure pit. Verba has two types of stainless steel drinking nipples in its assortment that we use ourselves for our pig feeders and pig drinkers and duo drinking troughs.
We have a long stainless steel Verba drinking nipple that we use in the feeding troughs for piglets, meat pigs and sows and a stainless steel Lübing drinking nipple that we use for the duo drinking troughs for piglets and meat pigs. Our pig nipples are of the highest quality stainless steel, are made in Western Europe and are both adjustable to the right water pressure. Parts such as o-rings, springs and adjustment caps of the Verba nipple can be ordered separately in our shop as well as other accessories for your barn such as stainless steel bends, stainless steel socks and stainless steel saddle brackets to mount water pipes and nipples.