Tube mounting plug 1" for pig stalls


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Item number: P05-0950

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Verba Plastic tube mounting plug for mounting 1" tubes to an end profile in the pig farm. The tube plug consists of 2 parts, to fix the tube to a 35mm profile. 1 Round part for inserting in the inch tube and 1 rectangular part with an external dimension of 39,6 mm high x 35mm wide for mounting in the profile of 35mm internal width. By placing a bolt through the two parts and tightening a washer and nut on the outside of the profile, the plug expands into the tube so that the tube is perfectly attached to the profile. In this way you can easily mount an inch long tube in a stainless steel profile with hole. This mounting plug is delivered without bolt, nut and washer.

Dimensions: cube 39.6mm wide, 35mm high