KZB VERBA family feeder

The VERBA KZB is a farrowing pen family feeder with a special lowered trough with very good results, especially developed for free-range farrowing (rearing) pens. The development of the KZB family feeder was inspired by nature, where piglets already start eating solid food at 14 days. Simply because, as in nature, the piglet imitates its mother. With the KZB we see that the first piglets start eating and eating along with the sow from 4 to 5 days of age.

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  • 1 Feeder that both sow and piglet eat from
  • Complete stainless steel 304
  • ½" stainless steel water connection for the sow with external thread
  • Very strong full stainless steel 304 dosing mechanism and trough
  • After single a few days, the piglets start eating with the sow. Saliva production gets going
  • Virtually no growth check
  • Much less use of prestarter
  • Piglets gain weight on average 1 week earlier
  • At the end of the suckling period, piglets are already fully accustomed to solid feed
  • Both sow and piglet can operate the dosing system
  • Unique and very popular feeder for the farrowing pen
  • Excellent price / quality ratio
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3 years on material and construction defects; drinking nipples 1 year warranty on construction defects. Drinking nipples are single suitable for water, not for additives.

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The rock solid stainless steel 304 feeder with beaded edges is perfectly accessible for sows with farrowing piglets, in addition there is a stainless steel drinking nipple in the KZB farrowing pen feeder. With the help of this KZB farrowing pen feeder with drinking nipple, the sows can learn to eat and drink the piglets in the farrowing pen. Piglets take in much more solid food during the suckling period because of the KZB and therefore there is no growth check. A piglet that is already given solid food and water in the farrowing house grows faster and has far fewer problems because there is no growth check. An excellent toom weight at weaning is therefore attainable in a simple and inexpensive way.

When the sow is placed out of the farrowing pen, the weaned piglets that remain behind can simply continue to eat from the familiar feeder. Meanwhile, since 2016, 7,000 KZB feeders have already been sold in Europe and demand is increasing. Users of the KZB are all raving about the simplicity and price of the feeder but especially the results achieved because, for example, there is no growth check and excellent litter weight at weaning can be achieved. The low trough does not spill feed, unlike a floor feeding plate.

The KZB is available in a 310mm wide and 400mm wide model, so there is always enough eating width for large litters of piglets that may be left behind in the pen when the mother is away.

The best dosage is 4 g per movement. The KZB series is made of complete stainless steel 304. The low pricing makes the feeder extremely interesting as sow doser, sow trough, sow drinking trough and piglet bucket can be saved.

Client E. with 120 x KZB family feeders: We wean at 28 days and 4 days after weaning we weigh the piglets. The toom weight is then always around 117 kilos on average. We weigh 35 to 40 litters each time. We wean around 32 piglets per sow per year, but the weaning groups with somewhat smaller litters are often no lighter than the groups with larger litters.

Wageningen University and Research from November 2020 shows that piglets that learn to eat solid feed already in the farrowing house benefit substantially through better growth, better health and better behavior of the farrowing piglets. Read the article from Nieuwe Oogst about healthy piglets here: Article from Nieuwe Oogst November 2020