WELL-NEST Piglet cabin and Piglet cover

For improving a dual climate in your farrowing department, the Verba Comfort piglet cover is the sophisticated solution for a micro climate. With the Verba Comfort piglet cover, you can create a warm shelter for your newborn piglets, while keeping the pen at the desired temperature for your sow.

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  • Wall or corner model available
  • Corner model single or double possible
  • Almost any size available
  • Made of transparent UV resistant sheet with stainless steel frame or HDPE black plastic sheet
  • Includes hinges/hanging brackets
  • Lamp hole Ø 230 with or without optional cover
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Wall model is removable
  • Highly durable piglet covers
  • Benefits Well-Nest:
  • Available in almost any size
  • Underfloor heating by hoses with hot water
  • Removable front side
  • Lid and front made of 6mm thick polycarbonate
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Warranty: 1 year on material and construction faults.

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Heating the piglet nests in the farrowing pen plays an important role in and is of great importance to prevent piglet chilling. This is a major cause of piglet failure in the first days after birth. The VERBA piglet covers offer a solution for this.

Comfort piglet cover:

For improving a dual climate, or microclimate, in your farrowing department, the Verba Comfort piglet cover is the sophisticated solution. With the Verba Comfort piglet cover, you can create a warm piglet nest for your newborn piglets, while keeping the pen at the desired temperature for your sow. Because the pen temperature can be lowered thanks to the Verba piglet cover, this leads to lower energy costs and better feed intake for the sow. The Verba Comfort undercovers come in various designs and can be obtained in almost any size and design. The comfort piglet cover can be made of UV resistant transparent plastic or HDPE plastic. There is a 100mm high rim on the front of the VERBA piglet covers so that the warm air circulates in the piglet nest and does not escape. Either free hanging above the heating plate or over the partition wall for 2 pens. Also applicable in the corner and longitudinal arrangement. If desired, the Verba undercreep can optionally be provided with a 230 mm hole for the heating lamp and possibly a cover plate for this hole.

A very nice practical example of our dealer Coppens Westerhoven at Niels van Engelen where we were allowed to work: Link Project Van Engelen/Coppens Westerhoven

Drop-down piglet cover:

We also have in our piglet cover range a transparent piglet cover that folds over very easily allowing you to temporarily secure your piglets for control, for example. Because of the transparent sheet, the sow always keeps a view of her piglets which keeps her calm. The piglets also remain calmer because they can see their mother and do not feel as if they are being closed off. The lockable piglet cover is clamped over the partition wall with a simple hinge making it function as a standard piglet cover. When you want to secure the piglets, you lift the hinged lever and move the piglet cover forward, making it function as a transparent partition wall. It takes virtually no force to lower the piglet cover. In addition, the closure is made so that when you fold back the hood the strong stainless steel closure automatically moves over the partition wall. This saves you extra labor and works very easily. The piglet cover is made of 2-sided UV-resistant transparent sheet and provided on both sides with a stainless steel protection strip that is fitted with the unique and very strong VERBA bead edge. The standard depth of the hood is 500mm and standard made for a 500mm high and 35mm thick back wall. If the back wall has a different height or thickness then this is no problem, we can custom make this for you if you indicate this in advance. We can also produce the width to your liking, ideal for renovations, for example. You can provide the side walls yourself if you have them, but we can also supply them to you. We use 18mm thick HDPE plates that are fitted with a stainless steel angle line for the back wall and a stainless steel angle line for the floor.

WELL-NEST Piglet Cabin:

VERBA was the producing partner during Wageningen University's Pro-Dromi project, which consists of a network of 14 sow farmers. From this, the WELL-NEST piglet cabin, among others, was born.

The Piglet Cabin has a plastic back wall and is equipped with a piglet entrance, which can be closed with the supplied slide. The fully transparent front wall is made of Polycarbonate 6 mm thick. Light weight, easily removable. The lid stays in the open position automatically.

Why a piglet cover?

Piglets need an ambient temperature of around 35 degrees and thus will seek warmth. To prevent the piglets from freezing but also to reduce the risk of lying dead, timely and sufficient heating of the piglet nest is essential. Various research has shown that the comfort temperature of the sow in the fourth week of farrowing is precisely 18 degrees. Every degree above that reduces feed intake by approximately 175 grams, possibly resulting in greater weight loss. While a sow should lose at most 10% of her body weight during the suckling period. To achieve better climate zones, an under creep above the piglet nest is a must. In addition, this can lower the department temperature by at least 2 degrees, which in turn provides substantial energy savings in colder periods.

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