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Aeres Dronten chooses KZB and Verba piglet cover

By October 11, 2020August 27th, 2022No Comments

Aeres Farms (formerly Aeres Praktijkcentrum) Dronten is the training and learning environment of, for and by students of the educational institutions of Aeres. Aeres Farms trains students to become professionals in the agro & food sector. For the study pig keeping Aeres has equipped 3 new MultiFarrow Balance farrowing crates with balanced floors together with Nooyen Pig Flooring and Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen from Lemelerveld. MultiFarrow is the free-range farrowing pen stable of Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen that is also used by Brummelhuis in Hoge Hexel, among others. Verba was commissioned by Aeres to supply 3 transparent piglet covers and a KZB farrowing cr ate for sow with piglets.

The Verba piglet covers consist of a sturdy stainless steel frame all around, a 6mm transparent and UV resistant plate and 3 strong Verba PE hinges. The sizes of the covers are 1000 wide x 1300 long with 1 slanted side and offer enough space for the piglets.

The KZB farrowing pen feeder is a special version where sow and piglet can eat from it together. Because the pens have a lower height, the KZB farrowing pen feeder has been adapted to 82cm height. Customization is not a problem because we have our own factory in Holland and therefore we can be flexible.

We would like to thank Aeres Hogescholen, Nooyen PigFlooring from Deurne and Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen from Lemelerveld for their trust and wish the caretakers and students of Aeres lots of fun with the MultiFarrow farrowing crates. Aeres Hogeschool MultiFarrow piglet cover and KZB feeder together with Nooyen Pigflooring and Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen

Piglet cover stainless steel transparent