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The VERBA ZB Sow Feeder is the ideal and simple clapper feeder for ad-lib feeding and suitable for 10 - 12 sows in group housing. The clever VERBA dosing valve ensures that the pigs show a calm eating behavior and are therefore better restricted than with a dry feeder.

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  • Robust feeder specially designed for sows in groups
  • Rotary knob adjustment for very easy and precise adjustment
  • White inside for excellent feed intake and hygiene
  • 11 mm thick unbreakable plastic of the highest quality
  • Water pipe with drinking nipple optionally possible
  • Very strong stainless steel 304 trough
  • Stainless steel 304 omega reinforcement profiles on the sides
  • Mounted with very strong stainless steel blind rivets, by far the best connection for plastic with stainless steel. Cannot be loosened like a bolt and nut
  • Highly durable feeder with high own weight and unprecedented longevity. Developed by VERBA since 1971
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Warranty: 3 years on material and construction faults;
drinking nipples 1 year guarantee on construction faults.
Drinking nipples are single suitable for water, not for additives.
The feeder must be solidly mounted at the rear and must be placed firmly on the floor, in a corner of the pen.

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For (pregnant) sows, it is important that feed and feed distribution are coordinated. The sow trough provides sows in group housing with fresh feed. Easily accessible and optimally dosed. At relatively low investment cost.

The VERBA ZB sow feeder is the ideal and simple clapper feeder for ad-lib feeding of 10 to 12 sows in group housing. The sophisticated VERBA metering valve ensures that the pigs exhibit a calm feeding behavior and are thus better restrained than with a dry feeder.
In the case of larger groups of sows, several sow feeders can be used. The feeder has a very precise adjustment so that the sows do not overeat and forces them to eat calmly. The adjustment is also very suitable for daily rationing. The raised trough ensures that the sows can reach it easily and no feed residue is left behind. The trough stays nice and clean. Combined with the DRN 4 stainless steel trough, this is the ideal solution for group housing of sows with ad-lib feed. We recommend mounting the troughs (preferably a DRN 4) at least 1 meter away from the ZB. Further away is not a problem.
For rearing gilts, a lower trough is available which we have incorporated in 2 lower models.

Optionally, we can also fit a water line with drinking nipple, which actually turns the sow dry feed trough with clapper into a liquid feeder. The ZB models are particularly suitable for pellet feed and crumb feed, and the ZBC models are intended for the finer feed, such as meal. The additional stainless steel omega profiles on the side make this feed trough for sows enormously strong. Standard on the front there is a converted stainless steel corner with which the feeder can be firmly mounted to the floor. On the back wall the trough should also be mounted securely.

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