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VERBA Piglet Cabin

By May 14, 2014August 27th, 2022No Comments

Verba piglet cabin. Sint-Oedenrode October 2013

Verba has developed a new comfortable - clear - labor-saving piglet cabin.

Back and side walls:

The piglet cabin has a plastic back wall and side walls of 10 mm thick recycled PE color white.

The back wall is equipped with a piglet entrance - which can be closed with the supplied slide.

For seeing food does food, slots have been milled where the farrowing pen front will be mounted.


The fully transparent - hinged lid is made of the material P.E.K 3 mm thick. It is reinforced with well finished stainless steel bead part quality 304 and is equipped with easy handle. The lid remains in open position automatically you do not need to fix.

Front wall:

The fully transparent front wall is material Polycarbonate 6 mm thick. The front is reinforced with well finished stainless steel bead quality 304. The entire front wall is lightweight and easy to remove, making it very simple to move the piglets and to clean the cabin.

Floor version:

The floor version is standard with the well-known floor heating plate from VERBA. This is the top with the rubber plate. These plates are equipped with 12 mm thick oxygen resistant PE hose, which are milled into the top plate at 50 mm intervals. (The VERBA piglet cabin can also be delivered without floor heating).


The fixed top plate of 15 cm wide has slotted holes for the necessary ventilation


If a piglet feeder is chosen in the piglet pen, it is mounted in front of the milled openings of the sow tank.


The piglet cabin is available in any size - can be delivered assembled or unassembled. If delivered unassembled, a complete assembly manual with text and clear pictures is included.


The standard piglet pen is suitable for piglets from birth to 25 kg.


The transparent lid and front wall allow you to check your piglets quickly and efficiently. And an ideal work situation is created.

Maternity rearing pens:

For the farrowing crates VERBA can supply a special sow/bigget clapper machine, the KZB type which is completely made of stainless steel and can be mounted directly to the piglet crate.


Due to the extremely carefully chosen materials and execution, the piglet cabin has become a very modern - convenient - labor-saving - energy-saving shelter for your piglets.


The VERBA piglet cabin has a 3-year warranty on all materials used - construction faults - floor heating.


The VERBA piglet hutches are supplied through authorized stable equipment suppliers.

Well Nest piglet cabin from ProDromi project