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AHDB feeder test: Mewaco highest score

By December 21, 2015August 27th, 2022No Comments

In England, the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board AHDB, conducted a test between different feeders. The study was conducted because of the significant contribution that feed costs make to total farm costs. AHDB installed, tested and compared the different feeders on one farm.

Our Verba Mewaco feeder received the highest score in this independent review, making it one of the top in the segment! The easy setting and low feed spillage characterize the Mewaco in the review.

The Mewaco feeder is available for piglets and fattening pigs. The Mewaco feeder is made of an all stainless steel frame with a transparent feed hopper, allowing you to easily see the amount of feed from the corridor. The Mewaco feeder is suitable for feeding meal, pellets and crumbs. For optimal operation, the drinking bowl with stainless steel nipple is separated from the feeding system. The Mewaco has a warranty period of 7 years.

Weaned piglet feeder Mewaco