ZD sows dry feeder

The VERBA ZD series is a very robust dry feeder especially developed for sows in group housing. The very heavy construction, use of strong materials and high own weight makes this feeder very suitable for these strong sows. The infinitely adjustable slide makes it possible to adjust the feeder very accurately.

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  • 1 to 5 eating compartments possible
  • White inside for excellent feed intake and hygiene
  • 11 mm thick unbreakable plastic of the highest quality
  • Very strong stainless steel 304 trough
  • Strong stainless steel / plastic high compartment
  • Heavily pressed aluminum protection profiles without sharp screw heads on front of milling distribution
  • Stainless steel 304 omega reinforcement profiles on the sides
  • Mounted with very strong stainless steel blind rivets, by far the best connection for plastic with stainless steel. Cannot be loosened like a bolt and nut
  • Easy adjustment with star knob for precise and reliable adjustment
  • Highly durable feeder with high own weight and unprecedented longevity. Developed by VERBA since 1971
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Warranty: 3 years on material and construction faults.

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For (gestating) sows, it is crucial that feed and nutrition fit together seamlessly.

The VERBA ZD series, a robust dry feeder, offers perfectly balanced feeding for sows in group housing.

Thanks to its solid construction and precisely adjustable slide, this feeder is ideal for strong sows. The light-colored trough ensures optimal feed intake. The raised trough ensures that the sows keep the trough itself perfectly clean and that no feed residue is left behind.

With aluminum U-profiles and stainless steel omega reinforcing profiles, the feeder has a durable and strong finish.

Combine the ZD with VERBA DRN drinkers for the ultimate solution in sow group housing.

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