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Loyal customer in Australia

By Oct. 21, 2022November 3rd, 2022No Comments

In the spring of 2018, we received a call from Mr. Wil Beijsens if he could come and see our showroom in Nijnsel. Of course we agreed because we like to show people our company and showroom. It turned out that Wil had been living in Australia for years and was visiting his family in Brabant. In Australia, Wil has a large pig farm called Bellgrove Pork located in Gordonbrook, Queensland. He was keen to buy Dutch stable equipment because of the high standards of quality, animal welfare and feed conversion here. Hence his visit to Verba in Nijnsel.

Making your own feed

As we often see abroad, Bellgrove Pork uses fine feed, crumb and meal, much of which comes from the immediate area or its own land. Not all feed trough mechanisms are suitable for this, but our Verba Mewaco (a Dutch abbreviation for MEel WAter COmbinatie) in particular proved to fit Wil's requirements perfectly. This feeder is, as the name suggests, specially made for meal and crumb feed.

No bridging

There were several reasons why Wil was interested in the Mewaco. First of all, the Mewaco feeder can be shipped unassembled and easily assembled. This obviously saves a lot of volume in sea container transport to Australia. In addition, large groups of piglets and fattening pigs can eat from the Mewaco and the Mewaco duo comes standard with a lid. In addition, the Mewaco is excellent for fine feed, partly because the feed trough and drinking trough are clearly separated so that the water cannot reach the feed as well, thus preventing bridging. In this regard, the Mewaco is unique in its kind when compared to competing feed troughs where the troughs are stamped out of 1 plate and the water and feed are mixed together which can cause the feed trough to jam. There is also a stirring mechanism in the feed bunker of the Mewaco trough that is operated by the pigs themselves and keeps the feed continuously loose in case water does get to the feed.

Order of feeders

Once Wil was back in Australia and he had measured everything, a large order of Mewaco's followed. 48 Mewaco duo for piglets, 2 Mewaco duo for fattening pigs and 72 Mewaco for fattening pigs. An order that allowed us to fill a nice container. Wil has now been using the Mewaco troughs to his complete satisfaction for several years.

In September 2022, Wil even turned out to be so satisfied that he had decided to reorder 50 Mewaco duo fattening pigs unassembled from us. For us, that is of course a great ambassador in Australia. Wil sent us some pictures of the current situation. We would like to thank Wil Beijsens for his choice and wish him and his company Bellgrove Pork many more healthy and successful years to come!

Mewaco feeder in Australia
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