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VERBA and Ekon 40 years of circular cooperation

By October 7, 2020August 27th, 2022No Comments

For 40 years VERBA from Nijnsel and Ekon from Born have been working together intensively for a better environment. The LDPE sheet materials from EKON that VERBA uses for the production of feed troughs for the pig industry are made entirely from recycled PE. This recycled PE consists of, among other things, old caps from soft drink bottles, agricultural plastic and PE material from industry. VERBA and Ekon have together processed many tens of thousands of tons of plastic waste into PE plates for VERBA pig feeders. This fits in very well with the policy of circular agriculture that Minister Carola Schouten has set out. The pig in any case fits in perfectly with circular agriculture and the circular economy because the pig is largely fed food scraps and leftovers from society via troughs. Since the Verba troughs have also been made of recycled material for 40 years, and are therefore circular, this fits in perfectly with this vision.

In the accompanying film about the circular cooperation between VERBA and Ekon it is clearly shown how the PE sheets arrive at VERBA, how these sheets are processed into feeding troughs and how the PE waste is collected and processed again by Ekon into new PE sheets for the VERBA feeding troughs. A nice closed circular circle.

Ekon, VERBA and the VERBA customers thereby contribute to a better environment!