Verba produces many types and models of stainless steel troughs as standard. The troughs are also ideal for sensor-controlled feeding. The various models are suitable for piglets, fattening pigs and sows.

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A good quality feeder for pigs is essential in a pig farm. We therefore supply a high quality stainless steel pig trough. This stainless steel pig trough is suitable for all types of feed; water, concentrates, liquid feed, milk and meal. Indispensable in a stable with fattening pigs, sows or piglets. It is important that the pigs have easy access to the feed. In addition, hygiene is essential. The stainless steel trough for pigs is therefore easy to clean and keep clean.

Verba has been producing various types and models of stainless steel pig troughs for many decades. Continuous piglet troughs and fattening pig troughs, but also continuous sow troughs for sow stalls and individual sow troughs for in the farrowing pen. All lengths of stainless steel troughs are possible, as well as single and double versions of stainless steel troughs. We have standard pig troughs in our program but if you have your own design of troughs we can also calculate it for you. The feed troughs we make are almost always fitted with our unique VERBA stainless steel bead edge. It is a well-kept secret how we produce this beaded edge of stainless steel. The bead edge provides a very nice round finish to the liquid feeder that is completely closed. As a result, virtually no liquid feed can creep into the edge, thus ensuring excellent hygiene. In addition, this stainless steel bead edge gives the trough edge an enormously soft finish so that the pigs cannot hurt themselves on the troughs and the feed trough becomes incredibly strong. This sets the VERBA stainless steel trough apart from all other feeding troughs and the VERBA liquid feeders have an incredibly long lifespan. Moreover, the bead edge ensures that the pig troughs are very easy to clean because no dirt can creep under the trough edge.

We always have a large stock of stainless steel in our warehouse so we can always deliver quickly and customize to your specifications.

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