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Stable renovation

By April 12, 2023No Comments

Did you know that our pig products are not single suitable for new pig stables but of course also for pig farm renovations? We make all pig feeders ourselves, just like piglet covers and our floor heating systems for piglet nests. Because we make everything with our skilled colleagues in our own factory in Nijnsel, we are also flexible in dimensions so that our feeders will almost always fit in your stable if you want to replace something. Do not hesitate to send us a situation drawing with pictures and ask what we think would best fit your situation.

Replacement of worn-out feeders

If your feeders are worn out, show faults, you find that the operation is no longer good or they spill too much valuable feed, we almost always have a pig feeder that comes close to your current feeder in terms of size and operation. We have more than 200 varieties of feeders in our assortment and can almost always adapt the feeder to your specific situation. The number of pigs or type of feed may have changed over the years, so there may now be better feeders to suit your new situation. Moreover, with a new feeder you can be sure that you are buying the most advanced version and you have another 7-year manufacturer's warranty on piglet feeders and fattening pig feeders and 3 years on sow feeders.

Cheap is expensive

In practice, we find that people often pay (too) well for used Verba feeders. This makes the sale to traders very attractive, but on the other hand, we often find that a new Verba feeder is not much more expensive than a well-used Verba feeder; sometimes even as expensive. This makes buying cheap very expensive in our eyes. Feel free to ask your dealer or us for a price and compare what suits you best.

Replacing leaking underfloor heating systems

In practice, we often come across underfloor heating systems that are no longer diffusion-tight/oxygen-tight in the long run, allowing air to reach the heated water and insulating the plates the wrong way round. The top stays cold and the bottom becomes warm. This costs you unnecessary energy and is often caused by leaking fittings or leaking heating plates.

We also make our 35mm thick heating plates exactly to size and in any shape for many renovation stables. These heating plates have a kind of rubber top layer, which gives extra grip to the piglets, even when the plate is wet. Almost every floor supplier has a support system in their floor where these heating plates fit perfectly and if necessary we can provide extra stainless steel support.

The heating plates we make are compared to competing heating plates not expensive and they are very durable and robust. We work with a 15mm heating hose that we press into our heating plates so that you can heat your piglet nests again for years without problems. These German-made heating hoses are diffusion-proof. The plastic quick connectors that we use contain as little metal as possible on the inside so they last very long in a more aggressive climate and remain oxygen tight. If you want to replace your heating plates consult your dealer or contact us. We will be happy to make you an offer.

Broken piglet covers

When piglet coverings have been used for a longer period of time, they tend to wear out or break. Often this is due to the plastic becoming brittle (not UV-resistant) or because there is no stainless steel framework around the piglet cover, which can cause them to tear with rough use and eventually break down completely. Sometimes we see that people with all good intentions start making their own undercovers out of underlayment panels (which are also quite expensive per m2) but these panels are quite sensitive to moisture and they are sometimes chewed, so this is not a long life.

We can make piglet covers for any situation, from both transparent and UV-resistant sheets or from black HDPE sheets. We also use our own plastic hinges which are enormously strong and can take a beating. We have made many types, shapes and sizes of covers so that we now have a solution for almost every situation. The piglet covers are moisture-resistant and also UV-resistant, giving them a long service life. If you would like to replace your existing piglet cover, please contact your stable equipment supplier or us and we will be happy to make you an offer.

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